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Michelle Ross jewellery is designed by Michelle and crafted by her and a small team of technicians in Toronto. Each Michelle Ross piece is handmade with precision and care, reflecting subtle details and occasionally showing the marks of creation.

Michelle Ross jewellery is made from a variety of different materials. These may include but are not limited to: brass, copper, 14k gold filled components, sterling silver, semi precious stones, pearls, glass, ceramics, vintage components and antique findings. Due to the nature of these materials, slight variances in colour or marks of age may be present or may develop with wear. The materials are chosen deliberately and the patina that may develop is intended to add to the aesthetic of the piece. 


As a general rule, avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower, when sleeping or exercising. Always apply perfumes, creams and hair care products before putting on your pieces. While the patina on the raw metals (brass or sterling silver) that may develop adds to the uniqueness and character of the piece, if you prefer a more polished look you may polish the piece with a polishing cloth. Do not use liquid cleaners on pieces that have components that are not raw metal.

To clean rhodium or 14kt gold plated jewellery, buff gently with a dry cloth. Do not use liquid cleaners or polishing cloths containing polishing compound as this will wear on the plating. To maintain the look of oxidized silver plated pieces, do not polish or clean as they do not require cleaning.

When you are not wearing your jewellery, keep in a dry place to help delay any oxidization or store in a plastic bag.

Feel free to email us at customerservice@mnross.com with any questions or concerns.


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